The following learning materials support our Introduction to R: Data Transformations, Analysis, and Data Structures workshop. Hosted by Data & Visualization Services at Duke University Libraries, this is the first part of a multi-part learning series on R that we call R We Having Fun Yet‽. See also this video recording of a previous workshop.

This gentle introduction provides a hands-on experience to learn the basics of modern R using RStudio and the Tidyverse method. Learn about managing your R projects, data types, variable assignments, data structures, and visualization packages such as ggvis and leaflet. The focus of these learning resources is as a code demonstrations supporting our in-person workshop. Thus the explanatory prose is minimal. If you wish to read more about R, we recommend R for Data Science and Data Visualization for Social Science, or the interactive course made available at DataCamp. Attendees will be registered for the opportunity of supplementing this workshop with free academic access to DataCamp’s Introduction to R course.

Workshop Outline

Housekeeping / Introduction

  1. Welcome
  2. What is r
  3. What is RStudio
  4. What is a Project
  5. What is Docker

Data Management

  1. Load Data
  2. View Data
  3. Tidyverse: Tibbles and Data Frames
  4. Data Structures
  5. Data Types

Exercise One

  • Exercise
  • Quiz

Data Wrangling


  • Arrange
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Mutate
  • Count
  • Summarize
  • Putting it All Together

Exercise Two

  • Exercise
  • Quiz


  • ggvis


  • leaflet
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