The following learning materials support our Introduction to R: Data Transformations, Analysis, and Data Structures workshop. Hosted by Data & Visualization Services at Duke University Libraries, this is the first part of a multi-part learning series on R that we call R We Having Fun Yet‽.

This gentle introduction provides a hands-on experience to learn the basics of modern R using RStudio and the Tidyverse method. Learn about managing your R projects, data types, variable assignments, data structures, and visualization packages such as ggplot2 and mapview. The focus of these learning resources is as a code demonstrations supporting our in-person workshop. Thus the explanatory prose is minimal, but you can watch an earlier recording below. If you wish to read more about R, we recommend R for Data Science and Data Visualization for Social Science. Interactive primers and courses are available. Try the Rstudio Cloud primers, or register for workshops at DataCamp.

Workshop Outline

Housekeeping / Introduction

  1. Welcome
  2. What is r
  3. What is RStudio
  4. What is a Project
  5. What is Docker

Data Management

  1. Load Data
  2. View Data
  3. Tidyverse: Tibbles and Data Frames
  4. Data Structures
  5. Data Types

Exercise One

  • Exercise
  • Quiz

Data Wrangling


  • Arrange
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Mutate
  • Count
  • Summarize
  • Putting it All Together

Exercise Two

  • Exercise
  • Quiz


  • ggplo2


  • leaflet
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